On-site|How does Shanghai Bo "sleepless tonight", The Paper will broadcast live tonight

    In less than 12 hours, the Shanghai Museum's "From Botticelli to Van Gogh: Collections from the National Gallery of England" will be closed. The exhibition has continued to be popular since its opening, and the winding queue at the entrance of the museum could not stop the audience from watching the exhibition. From 0:00 to 24:00 on May 7, the Shanghai Museum held the event of "Sleepless Tonight Shanghai Expo Twelve Hours Art Carnival". It is the first time since the establishment of the museum that it is open all-weather and 24 hours a day. From last night to this morning, many audiences spent a sleepless night together with art in the exhibition hall of Shanghai Expo.

    Combined with the opening from 18:00 to 24:00 tonight, Shanghai Expo will also hold a series of wonderful themed performing arts activities. Tonight at 18:00, The Paper will also launch a one-hour live broadcast. Experts from the Shanghai Museum, relevant scholars and reporters from The Paper will lead the audience to face the on-site activities and historical monuments, and guide them to the "National Gallery Collection Exhibition" and Shanghai Expo. There is a permanent "farewell exhibition" for calligraphy and painting of past dynasties in the People's Square Museum.

    It is reported that among the special exhibitions of Western art classics exhibited in Shanghai at the same time, important ones include "Botticelli and the Renaissance" at Dongyi Art Museum, "400 Years of Western Figure Painting" at Powerlong Art Museum, and "Botticelli and the Renaissance" at West Bund Art Museum. Surrealism and the Orient", etc., all complement each other and tell the history of Western art from different perspectives. The winding queue at the entrance of the museum and the great enthusiasm of the audience have witnessed the consistent cultural pattern and the mind of the city of Shanghai for a century.

    "The Paper Art Review" will launch a series of in-depth observation reports "When Western Famous Paintings Meet Shanghai" tomorrow to analyze the background of this series of cultural phenomena.

    exhibition site

    24 hours a day, what is the experience of visiting Shanghai Expo at night?

    Late at night just past, there was a long winding queue at the South Square of the Shanghai Museum, and the museum was brightly lit and crowded with people. The long queue folded several times in the lobby. This is unprecedented, and it is the first time since the establishment of Shanghai Expo that it will be open around the clock.

    Spectators waiting in line

    At night, in the lobby of the Shanghai Museum, spectators waited in a long line to see the collection exhibition of the British National Gallery

    Some of the audience came here from Zhejiang Huzhou, Ningbo, Hangzhou and other places. "I'm busy with work in Hangzhou, and I haven't had time to see this exhibition. Knowing that there is this 12 o'clock event, I came here by high-speed train after work. I feel very lucky. If there is no such zero-hour event, I would not be able to see this exhibition. The next time I watch it, I have to go to the UK." A viewer who came from Hangzhou at night said.

    "I thought there would be fewer people at night, but there were more people; I thought the exhibition at night would be a bit dull, but in fact everyone was still actively discussing these paintings." "I have never been to a museum at night and drank two cups of coffee." Just come, this form of night exhibition is very suitable for office workers." "I came here for the sixth time today, and the previous few times I came to the night show after work, from 16 o'clock to 21 o'clock, and finally I was invited by security guards. go out."

    For night tours to museums and night exhibitions, different audiences expressed their different emotional experiences, some found it novel, some felt relaxed, some felt more involved and intoxicated, and some thought that the experience of visiting exhibitions at night was better. Some viewers also believed that the nightlife in Shanghai is already very rich, and the museum's opening at night made up for the previous lack in this area.

    exhibition site

    exhibition site

    Last night was more like a prelude. From today to 24:00 late at night, a series of wonderful activities will continue throughout the day, offering a variety of wonderful artistic feasts to the audience.

    The boy in red painted by Sir Thomas Lawrence, the little princess painted by Gosset, the "lady in black veil" painted by Goya, and the self-portrait painted by Rembrandt...these impressive classic images in the exhibition "Through time and space", the museum staff will randomly appear in the museum to interact with the audience.

    Impressive classic image in the exhibition played by museum staff

    In the evening, wonderful music will be played from time to time in the public areas of the museum. The Valley Vocal Orchestra, which has a unique style in China, will perform a number of a cappella (a cappella vocal chorus), bringing the audience a new and unique audio-visual experience with various types of music such as classical, pop, bossa nova, etc. Feeling; the instrumental music group Virtuoso Music will perform popular classical music on the spot, including Vivaldi's "Spring", Verdi's "Drinking Song", Satie's "Gimno Perti", etc. Repertoire; Shanghai Theater Academy duet group will present a series of classic English songs. The most anticipated thing is that the popular Shanghai Rainbow Chamber Choir will also come to the scene, bringing their "mysterious repertoire" to fill the sleepless art carnival atmosphere tonight.

    Cultural and creative pop-up store

    At the same time, the Shanghai Museum moved the art market into the museum for the first time. On May 5th, 6th, and 7th, starting at 10 am every day, the second floor of the museum will hold an art market, introducing local elite brands to enter, including art peripherals, cultural and creative products, etc., to meet the art experience and consumption needs of exhibitors , Strengthen the seamless connection between art and life. The Shanghai Museum Art Store and the Cultural and Creative Pop-up Store in the Lobby launched a special cultural and creative promotional event of "From Botticelli to Van Gogh: Collection Exhibition of the British National Gallery".

    Expert guided tour, direct access to the classic "Farewell Exhibition" of Bodong and West

    Tonight at 18:00, The Paper will also launch a one-hour live broadcast. Experts from the Shanghai Museum and reporters from The Paper will lead a tour of the "National Gallery Collection Exhibition" and the permanent exhibition of Shanghai Museum of Painting and Calligraphy.

    "From Botticelli to Van Gogh: Collections from the National Gallery of England" is the first collaboration between the Shanghai Museum and the National Gallery of England. In a textbook-style way, 52 exhibits from 50 art masters are selected to fully present the History of European Painting from the Renaissance to Post-Impressionism in the 19th Century. The exhibition covers classic works by Botticelli, Raphael, Titian, Gosset, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Claude, Cézanne, Manet, Monet and Van Gogh. The organizer set the tone for the exhibition, which is "a condensed and quintessential Western art history, and also a miniature version of the British National Gallery".

    exhibition site

    exhibition site

    The exhibition has attracted 400,000 visitors in the 98 days since its opening. What is the charm of this exhibition so attractive to the audience? Then please listen to what Chu Xin, the head of the Chinese curatorial team of the exhibition and deputy director of the Shanghai Museum's exhibition department, has to say.

    Shanghai Museum Calligraphy and Painting Hall is currently the only permanent exhibition hall at home and abroad that systematically displays the general history of ancient Chinese calligraphy and painting.

    On April 15, the Shanghai Museum's Chinese Calligraphy Museum and Chinese Painting Museum's permanent general history exhibitions were renewed. Importantly, this round of renewal is also a permanent "farewell exhibition" of calligraphy and painting that has lasted for more than 20 years since the opening of Shanghai Expo (People's Square Pavilion), and the exhibition will last until October 8. Afterwards, the permanent exhibition of the general history of calligraphy and painting will be moved to the East Hall of Shanghai Museum.

    Su Shi's "Running Script Appreciation to Teachers' Papers and Posts", paper copy, 27 cm in length and 96.5 cm in width, collected by Shanghai Museum.

    Anonymous "Lianshe Picture Volume" in the Southern Song Dynasty (partial)

    Yuan Zhao Mengfu's "Orchid, Bamboo and Stone Scroll"

    It is reported that in the past 27 years, in addition to theme exhibitions and special exhibitions, Shanghai Expo has displayed about 600 famous calligraphy and painting works to the audience in the permanent exhibition of calligraphy and painting. This "farewell exhibition" will have many excellent paintings and calligraphy from the collection that have made their debut or have not appeared for a long time. In the Calligraphy Museum of Chinese Dynasties, the key exhibits include Su Shi in the Northern Song Dynasty "Running Script Appreciation to the Master's Dissertation Scroll", Mi Fu in the Northern Song Dynasty "Participating in Political Posting Pages", etc. The paintings are exhibited for the first time, including the "Lianshe Tujuan" in the Southern Song Dynasty, and Zhao Mengfu's in the Yuan Dynasty. "Orchid Bamboo Stone Scroll" and so on. At that time, Ling Lizhong, Director of the Painting and Calligraphy Department of the Shanghai Museum, will guide the audience of The Paper.

    (Part of the pictures in this article are provided by Shanghai Museum)


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