The 400,000th viewer is here! Shanghai Bo's "British Collection Exhibition" will end

    The 400,000th visitor to the "National Gallery Collection Exhibition" at Shanghai Expo (Video: Chen Ruoqian) (00:46)

    Today is the last day of the May Day holiday. The Paper learned that at about 2:00 pm on May 3, the Shanghai Museum's "From Botticelli to Van Gogh: Collections from the National Gallery of England" welcomed 400,000 visitors—a 90-year-old from Beijing. This also set a new record for the number of visitors to a paid special exhibition in a Chinese museum. This special exhibition, which has become a cultural phenomenon, has been on display for 94 days and will close on May 7. The maximum number of visitors received in a single day is 6001.

    Following this special exhibition, in Shanghai, there have been a series of special exhibitions of western art classics recently: "Botticelli and the Renaissance" at Dongyi Art Museum, "400 Years of Western Figure Painting" at Powerlong Art Museum and "West Bund Art Museum" The Original Painting—Surrealism and the Orient” has become a hot spot in the exhibition.

    Shanghai Museum waiting for admission to visit the team

    "The Paper Art Review" saw at the Shanghai Expo today that on the last day of the small holiday, the audience who came to visit the Shanghai Museum lined up at the entrance, and many of them dragged their suitcases and queued up to enter the museum. The multi-functional film and television center on the first floor of Bo was also temporarily converted into a luggage storage room, which was filled with suitcases of foreign audiences. Although the queue was long, the entry was fast and orderly. The special exhibition hall of the "National Gallery Collection Exhibition" was still crowded with people, continuing the usual "hot" scene.

    Temporary luggage storage room

    A stylishly dressed Ms. Wang went straight to "From Botticelli to Van Gogh: Collections from the National Gallery of England" after passing the security check with her companions. She told The Paper that she was from Shandong, and her friend came from Fujian. They bought tickets for the special exhibition very early, but they never had the chance to come. Taking advantage of the May Day holiday, they met in Shanghai and watched the exhibition together. Because I major in fashion design, I am a frequent visitor to the clothing hall on the fourth floor of Shanghai Expo, and this special exhibition also gave me a lot of inspiration.

    exhibition site

    exhibition site

    The appointment time was 3 pm, but Ms. Xue and her partner were waiting outside the museum at 1:30 pm. "It's early," Ms. Xue smiled, "We came from Changzhou to play, because I like the works of Impressionism very much, and this time I came here specially to see the paintings of Van Gogh and Monet."

    Wang Guangyu, a post-90s generation from Beijing, was lucky enough to be the 400,000 viewer of "From Botticelli to Van Gogh: Collections of the National Gallery of England", and received a special exhibition picture carefully prepared for her by the museum. records and flowers.

    The 400,000th lucky viewer

    Wang Guangyu told The Paper that she came to Shanghai to attend a friend's wedding, and was recommended by a friend for this special exhibition, so she bought an on-site ticket to enter. "I heard that this exhibition is very popular. I am very lucky to be able to buy tickets on the spot, and I am even more lucky to be the 400,000th audience."

    exhibition site

    "My profession has nothing to do with art, but I have studied traditional Chinese painting and meticulous painting since I was a child. I think art is interlinked. My friend told me that the exhibits here are authentic works of Western art masters. Such an opportunity is really rare. After all, the difference between the original oil painting and the printed matter is still very big.”

    "This can be regarded as the first paid exhibition with an audience of more than 400,000 in a Chinese museum, and its popularity far exceeds our original expectations." Chu Xiaobo, director of the Shanghai Museum, said in an interview today that the reason for the "National Gallery Collection Exhibition" There are many reasons for this popularity: one is because the timing of the opening of the exhibition is after the epidemic "Class B and B Control", the public's travel and viewing of the exhibition have resumed the convenience of the past, and at the same time the long-suppressed cultural consumption demand has been completely released; secondly Relying on the strong cultural and artistic atmosphere of Shanghai, it highlights the important status of Shanghai as an international cultural metropolis; more importantly, the content of the exhibition itself is very exciting, because only high-quality cultural content will attract the audience.

    Exhibition site (data map)

    During the May 1st period, the special holiday night session of the British National Gallery Collection Exhibition held by the Shanghai Museum will be extended from the original 18:00-21:00 (no admission after 20:00) to 23:00 (after 22:00) Admission is not allowed), continuing the boom that has been going on for nearly three months. According to the statistics of the museum, as of 14:00 on May 3, Shanghai Expo has received more than 55,000 visitors, including nearly 23,000 visitors to the "National Gallery Collection Exhibition", and the sales of offline cultural and creative products have exceeded 1 million yuan.

    On the last day of the exhibition, from 0:00 to 24:00 on May 7, the Shanghai Expo will also launch a special event of "Sleepless Tonight Shanghai Expo Twelve Hours Art Carnival", which is the first 24-hour continuous opening to welcome the audience since its establishment; A series of activities such as concerts, art fairs, and cultural and creative discount promotions are held in the museum.


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