Shanghai Museum East Hall welcomes its 1 millionth visitor, new exhibition area to open in June

    Shanghai Bo East Pavilion welcomes its 1 millionth visitor (01:12)
    "The millionth visitor is here!" At 2 pm on May 16, Mr. Li from Heilongjiang was lucky enough to become the millionth visitor to the East Building of the Shanghai Museum and received a copy of the "Sanxingdui Exhibition" signed by the director of the Shanghai Museum. "Illustration. Since its opening on February 2 and the trial opening of some exhibition halls, the East Building of the Shanghai Museum has become Shanghai's new and most popular cultural landmark, with over one million visitors in three and a half months. According to the current traffic forecast, the East Pavilion will receive 5 million visitors this year. In the future, the opening pattern of the three Shanghai Expo pavilions will be formed, and the total number of visitors is expected to be nearly 10 million. The Shanghai Bodong Branch will also be temporarily closed starting from May 21 and will not reopen until the end of June.

    The millionth viewer is here!

    On the afternoon of May 16, the East Building of the Shanghai Museum welcomed its one millionth visitor - Mr. Li, a post-80s generation from Heilongjiang. According to Mr. Li, he came to Shanghai from Heilongjiang for further study and is expected to stay in Shanghai for a month. The East Building of the Shanghai Museum was the first museum he visited after arriving in Shanghai. He did not expect to be so lucky to become the millionth visitor. "I learned from the Internet that the Sanxingdui Exhibition was being held at the Shanghai Bodong Pavilion very early, and I came here because of its popularity." "The appointment process was relatively smooth. After two appointments, I finally made an appointment."

    Shanghai Museum Director Chu Xiaobo took a group photo with the 1 millionth visitor to the East Museum

    "Star of China: Sanxingdui·Jinsha Ancient Shu Civilization Exhibition" will close on May 20. In the past two days, the number of visitors in the exhibition hall has increased visibly. Everyone comes to catch the last train, especially on weekends, the exhibition hall is even more crowded, and the display cabinets on all sides are crowded with people. You have to stand on your tiptoes to see the cultural relics.

    exhibition site

    “The museum has exceeded one million visitors in just three and a half months since its opening, which is both expected and unexpected,” said Chu Xiaobo, director of the Shanghai Museum. Visitors have been very enthusiastic about the Shanghai Bo East Pavilion since its trial opening. The museum has repeatedly adjusted the upper limit of visitors according to the needs of the visitors, from the original 8,000 people to 10,000 and then to 12,000 people. Night shows are held on weekends and holidays to meet the needs of the audience.

    Director's signature catalog

    According to Chu Xiaobo, this Sanxingdui special exhibition has set a number of new records. The number of visitors to the special exhibition exceeded one million, which should be the first time in the history of Shanghai Expo. The composition of the visitors has also undergone some changes, with Shanghai residents accounting for nearly 40%, foreign visitors accounting for more than 60%, and foreign visitors accounting for nearly 10%. Another significant change is that the audience has become younger, with more than 50% of viewers are under 35 years old. "We have also seen gratifying changes, which shows that more and more young audiences fall in love with visiting museums and like traditional Chinese culture."

    According to data provided by the museum, the cultural and creative sales of the East Museum have also reached a new high, with sales of cultural and creative products so far reaching 30 million yuan.

    The open space will be expanded to 80% by the end of June, and the number of visitors can reach 5 million throughout the year.

    In order to better prepare for the next larger-scale opening of the East Building, the East Building will be temporarily closed to the public from May 21 (Tuesday) to the end of June. The Ancient Chinese Bronze Museum, the Ancient Chinese Sculpture Museum and the "Star of China: Sanxingdui·Jinsha Ancient Shu Civilization Exhibition" are open until May 20 (Monday).

    Shanghai Bo East Sculpture Hall, Northern Qi Dynasty, White Stone Buddha Statue

    After reopening at the end of June, the open space of the East Building will be further expanded to about 80%, with permanent exhibition halls such as the Ceramics Hall, Seal Hall, Jade Hall, and Currency Hall, special exhibition halls such as Archeology of Shanghai, Ceramics, and Sino-foreign Exchanges, as well as the Digital Hall, Ancient Interactive experience spaces such as the Civilization Exploration Palace will meet the audience.

    Bronze Hall of Shanghai Bo East Hall

    "After more than three months of trial opening, the East Building has received a lot of constructive opinions and suggestions from the audience, which will help us sum up experience in the next stage of opening and services, and continuously improve our management and service levels." Chu Xiaobo said. Faced with the problem of visiting reservations, Chu Xiaobo also said that after the second phase of opening, the daily reservation quota for visitors can be increased to 20,000. After it is fully opened in November, it is expected that the number of visitors per day in the east hall will reach 30,000. Problems such as difficulty in making appointments will definitely be further alleviated.

    Chu Xiaobo said that based on current traffic forecasts, the number of visitors to the East Hall this year will reach 5 million. After it is fully opened at the end of November, the number of visitors to the East Hall may exceed 6 million. In the future, after the opening pattern of the three Shanghai Expo museums is formed, it is expected to receive a total of nearly 10 million visitors, which is one of the few museums in the world.


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