World Book Day | Clouds gather to read on the night of the picture above, conveying the power of the book

    On the 27th World Book Day, the Shanghai Library held a special event of "Arts and Moves" Cloud Reading, Connecting Hearts, and Keeping "Shanghai" together - the night in the picture above 423 World Book Day. "There is a new crown epidemic in Shencheng, and many people think that this is the most difficult time, but in fact, we can learn from books that people in history have faced similar difficulties - these difficulties will not hinder human society in the end. These histories are in the documents, and the documents are in the library.” said Chen Chao, director of the Shanghai Library. Chen Chao, Director of Shanghai Library

    Chen Chao, Director of Shanghai Library

    At the beginning of the event, writer Zhao Lihong, actor Hu Ge and ordinary readers told everyone their stories about reading. Zhao Lihong said: "With a good book as a companion, even in a small space, you can go up to the sky, fly far away, and travel through the past and present." Hu Ge said that on this day in 2022, he wanted to share what Mr. Yang Jiang said. A word for everyone: the meaning of reading is probably to read with the feeling of life, and to live with the income of reading. Hu Ge

    Hu Ge

    Chen Chao released the theme of the 2022 reading season: reading dim sum lights, where every square inch meets the galaxy. The new reading season will launch the 1922 "Year of Literary Miracles" series of activities, focusing on relevant classic writers and works, to further promote national reading.
    In this event, in order to commemorate the 1922 Literary Miracle Year, readers of different occupational identities read aloud fragments of many classic readings together: the host of Shanghai Radio Station performed a fragment of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which was first translated and published in Chinese in 1922. Vivid and exciting; college students at East China Normal University recited Li Dazhao's "Youth", full of vigor; national first-class actor Tong Ruixin performed Shakespeare's play "Hamlet", full of passion. The host of Shanghai People's Broadcasting Station performed "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

    The host of Shanghai People's Broadcasting Station performed "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

    East China Normal University students recite Li Dazhao's "Youth".

    East China Normal University students recite Li Dazhao's "Youth".

    Lou Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Library, revealed that the East Library of Shanghai Library, which will be opened for trial, will be dedicated to the exploration of people-centered libraries and a new generation of libraries, shifting from ordinary reading services to reading ecological construction, and from simple reading tools. The service turns to the construction of reading platform, showing the reading mood of "reading people, reading the city, reading the world", "reading text, reading art, reading technology". The East Hall in the picture above will also become one of the public libraries with the largest scale of newly opened works of art and the most participation of artists in the world. Deputy Director Liu Wei also introduced the above picture for readers to create different application scenarios that can always touch the smart library, such as the next-generation library service platform "Yunhan", the first full reservation system in the domestic library industry, etc. Pictured above East Hall

    Pictured above East Hall

    This event was launched by Shanghai Library in conjunction with Shanghai Writers Association, Shanghai People's Broadcasting Station, China Literature Group, Tencent Music, Shanghai Henian Information Technology Co., Ltd. and other units, trying to launch a cloud reading feast for readers. It is reported that in order to jointly promote the "Digital Reading Promotion Plan" and respond to the call of "National Reading", Shanghai Library has also formed a strategic partnership with Tencent Music and China Reading Group. Follow-up will launch the "National Reading" series of promotional activities.
    In the music "Blessing" made by musician Luo Wei, this special event has come to an end, but reading and life are still going on.


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