The 17th Wenjin Book Award-winning book list released

    Today is the 27th World Book Day, and the winning books of the 17th Wenjin Book Award were officially announced at the National Library of China. A total of 19 books (books) including "The Red Boat Set sail", "Journey to the Back of the Moon: The Chinese National Team of Lunar Exploration Records the Whole Process of Humans' First Landing on the Back of the Moon" and "The Sun and the Mayfly" won awards.
    Libraries, publishing houses, readers, judges, etc. recommended a total of 2,212 valid books for this year's Wenjin Book Award, and a total of 252 publishing houses participated in the recommendation, an increase of 29% over the previous session. The number of submitted publishers has reached a record high, and the number of libraries participating in the recommendation has reached a record high.
    Established in 2004, the Wenjin Book Award is a non-profit book award sponsored by the National Library of China and jointly participated by the national library community. The Wenjin Book Award selection is held once a year, with the concept of openness, inclusiveness and sharing, and guides social forces to participate in the promotion of national reading.
    Please "hold" the complete list of award-winning books!


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