4.23 World Reading Day, CCTV produced all-weather reading activities

    April 23 is the World Reading Day. In response to the call of "Reading for All", the Art Program Center of the Central Radio and Television Station, together with the National Library, the Social Liaison Department of the Chinese Writers' Association, and the People's Literature Publishing House, produced the first all-weather World Reading Day event. .
    From 10:00 to 20:30 on April 23, the "Open Books and Fragrance of Books - World Book Day Special Program" produced by the Central Radio and Television Station's Cultural and Art Program Center will be broadcast on CCTV Variety Channel and CCTV's Voice of Literature and Art. From 13:00 to 23:00, the "4.23 National Reading 10-hour live broadcast event" launched by the Literature and Art Program Center and the People's Literature Publishing House will be launched on CCTV, CCTV Literature and Art New Media Matrix, and People's Literature Publishing House New Media Matrix. At that time, the host of CCTV will meet book lovers from all walks of life to meet on the 27th World Book Day. Wang Meng

    Wang Meng

    The variety channel will broadcast "one chapter" every hour from 10:00 to 19:00, and each chapter will be 15 minutes long. A total of 12 celebrity recommenders and 25 guests recommend fine books. At 19:30, "Open Books and Taste Books - Special Program for World Reading Day", invited Wang Meng, Kang Zhen, Xu Tao, Zhang Weiliang, Pu Cunxin, Sarina, Meng Qingyang, Song Yi, as well as the Central Ballet, Beijing Heart Calling Disabled Art Groups and other groups, in the form of reading, folk music, dance, sign language, magic, chorus, etc., to read Chinese poetry, foreign literature, Chinese modern literature and Chinese online literature. Sarina


    It is understood that "Open Books and Fragrance of Books - Special Program for World Reading Day" ranges from "Three Hundred Poems of Tang Dynasty" and "Hundred Classics of Chinese Traditional Culture" representing Chinese traditional culture to "Rural Trilogy" and "Ordinary Ordinary", which represent contemporary Chinese people. The World, from philosophical "Only This Life" to inspirational "Little Man", from Chinese classics "A Dream of Red Mansions" and "Thunderstorm" to Western classics "Faust". Different and diversified reading is reflected in books in different cultural contexts. Guests with different life experiences will tell different reading stories. Meng Qingyang

    Meng Qingyang

    The writing of books keeps pace with the times, and the reading of books also keeps pace with the times. The program also allocates guests and content in a targeted manner according to the viewing needs of different audiences. There are experts and scholars such as Wang Meng, Kang Zhen, Mengman, Chen Yan, Chen Huaihong, as well as actors such as Wang Yuan, Zhou Dongyu and Yu Haoming. Readers of different ages, genders, talk about how their books open.


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