4.23 World Book Day, let's read together

    4.23 World Reading Day is coming soon. Although affected by the epidemic, the offline reading activities in previous years have pressed the pause button, but the fragrance of books does not stop. You can meet with citizens "on the cloud". Recently, Xinhua Media has assembled major Xinhua Bookstores and Shanghai Bookstores in the city to launch a series of online reading activities, bringing the fragrance of books to thousands of households.
    At present, primary and secondary schools in Shanghai have started home-based online teaching mode. Xinhua Media specially planned the 4•23 World Reading Day "Applying Classroom" cloud version: the reading "collection" activity for principals, and invited 10 principals and principals of primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and kindergartens in Shanghai to tell everyone about the way of reading , share reading experience and recommend excellent books. The program will be broadcast live on various new media platforms under Xinhua Media from 14:00 to 15:00 on April 23. In addition, from April 20th to 23rd, 2 to 3 principals will log in to the "Book of Principals' Reading" column every day to help children continue to develop reading habits and enrich their home life.
    Some parents asked, what should I do if my child doesn't like to read? Qiu Honghao, the principal of the East School of Shanghai Experimental School, proposed three strategies: "First, you can create a family reading atmosphere and read a book with your children; second, don't be utilitarian, let your children read their favorite books, and wait until they get into the habit of reading. Afterwards, guide in-depth reading; the third is to read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles, you can take your children to the library regularly, participate in various reading activities, and take your children to check in various reading places, such as the cultural relics of the former residences of celebrities, etc.
    Shi Zhengwei, the principal of Shanghai No. 4 Middle School, introduced the school's experience in promoting reading on campus: "The school's two libraries and book corners on each floor provide students with places suitable for reading; Promote good books and masterpieces to show students' reading experience; teachers of the language teaching and research group not only customized winter and summer reading manuals for students, but also set up classic reading expansion courses in middle and high schools; every year, reading festival activities are held, and the reading festival lasts for a long time. More, with students as the main body.” The "Madeleine Picture Book Museum" under Xinhua Media has invited 7 children's literature writers to bring their 7 books from April 18th. Shen Shixi, the king of animal novels, brought "White Swan and Red Coral" to the children. The reason why animal novels are more attractive than other types of novels is that this theme is the easiest to pierce the shell of human culture and the hypocritical appearances of civilized society, and can unabashedly express the original ecology that combines ugliness and beauty. s life. Human culture and social civilization will be constantly updated with the changes of the times, but the spiritual core of cruel competition, tenacious survival and pursuit of glory in life will never change. Shen Shixi has created an animal kingdom for children. He is familiar with the living habits of these animals and endows animal behavior with a strong emotional color.
    "White Swan Red Coral" describes a mute female swan named "Red Coral", because of her love of beauty, her spouse "Grey Shoulder Male" and a pair of children were hunted and killed, and suffered heavy losses in life. But it is precisely because of the beauty-loving nature that it has a unique strong belief and extraordinary courage, not only to save two orphaned eggs from the sharp beak of the big-billed crow, but also to let these two little swans get perfect Life. Even at the end of its life, it has not stopped its pursuit and yearning for beauty. "White Swan and Red Coral"

    "White Swan and Red Coral"

    "Madeleine Picture Book Museum" also recommends the popular science picture book "Defeat the Novel Coronavirus - Good Hygiene Habits to Let Children Know". Approved, the illustration style is lively and lovely, the scientific protection knowledge is caricatured and scene-based, and the correct hygiene habits are graphical and step-by-step. "Beat the new coronavirus - good hygiene habits for children to know"

    "Beat the new coronavirus - good hygiene habits for children to know"

    In special times, the writers' meeting is also held in a special way. From April 16th until April 23rd, World Book Day, the Xinhua Media Shanghai Bookstore Video account will continue to publish short videos recorded by 16 writers at a frequency of 2 per day. In the video, the writers will recommend books to readers, share their creative stories and creative experiences, and cheer for Shanghai's fight against the epidemic. Each short video is a "miniature meeting" that comforts readers' minds and meets the spiritual needs of book fans.
    On April 23, the National New Book Release Hall of Shanghai Book City will also publish reading recommendations online. The exhibition will be presented in the form of a dynamic page book list. 10 new books will be selected for display, and publishers will be invited to provide author recommendations. In addition, from 20:00 to 21:00 on April 23, the "796 Book Club" World Reading Day cloud sharing event will also be held online. The host Ding Wei will serve as the guest host to discuss "The Absolute Temperature of a Genius Chef" and "Japan's Four Seasons". "Shark's Fin and Sichuan Pepper" and several other books that show the taste of life and share each other's opinions.


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